ATI Student Survivors

This group was created for people who are working through issues from their legalistic upbringing in ATI. Please let one of our Admins know how you fit that description and we will be glad to add you.

ATI Student Survivors group is meant to be safe place for people who share a common past and can talk about life, finding healing in hope. We try to be respectful, as if we were having a friendly chat in a coffee shop. Your stories and opinions are welcome, but preaching or telling others how to feel is not welcome.

IMPORTANT: You can opt out of receiving notifications or emails when someone posts or comments on this group by clicking on “edit settings” in the top right hand corner of the group. Click on "show group in home navigation ALWAYS" and un-check "Send an email to"

*****If you request to join, please be watching for a message from one of our administrators. This may come to your "other" message folder. If we do not receive a response from you within a week of our initial message, you may be removed from the request list. Thank you for your help.*****