Audi S3 UK Owners Group

Dedicated group for all UK Owners of Audi S3.

I created the group after apon finding on Facebook there are many groups for the Audi S3, just not a UK specific one.

I'm a owner of a 2000 Audi S3 8L model, and have been for the since June 2012. Its not the newest, or the fastest version, but i do know one day its a future classic. Please share you desire, love, knowledge and beauty of your Audi S3 or any other Audi.

Any Audi S3 from the 1999 8L model to the latest 2014 8V model......

I'm a honest and friendly guy, so please request this group and any others who wish to be here.

Open for any Audi S3 owners within the UK
Please feel free to share this page.

I also user and I'm a member of Fantastic site and full of information, support, help and lots more.....

Anyway, the creator, owner and Administrator is me 'Mark' Mark Hullah.

Rules are simple:
1. Respect others, No arguing, fighting or abusive messages. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all..
2. Strictly No spam, adverts or unwanted s**t posted. Do not advertise your or other Businesses. This isn't a Advertising Page.
3. Post as much as you like, photos, etc
4. No Racial abuse. It won't be tolerated.
5. Enjoy and admire
6. For Sale Adverts and Wanted posts are to be posted on our sister Facebook group 'Audi S3 Sales Page'. Adverts will be politely asked to be removed and directed towards the Audi S3 Sales Page.
7. No 'Whats it worth' or 'Gauging Interest'. Please use our sister Facebook group 'Audi S3 Sales Page' for these posts.
8. Please stick to the mission of this group 'Audi S3'. Irrelevant content does not belong here, and will be removed.

Anyone doesn't follow these rules will be removed.... Thank You!

This group is sponsored by 'Brotek' as owned by Mark Brodie. There a performance and car care supplier. Please feel free to speak to him direct for exclusive discount for Audi S3 UK Owners members.

Mark Hullah
Mark Brodie (Brotek Owner)
Brandon Lee
Shaun Steele
Pierre Reyes
Bem Pedro Grosvenor
Paul Tuffin

Please also add yourself to " Audi S/RS Group " on Facebook. Another group for Audi Enthusiasts......