Aurora in Norway - Share your best photos here :-)

Aurora in Norway - share your best photos here

Here you can post your favorite aurora pictures and share it with Aurora lovers all over the world.
Feel free to add friends and pictures.
Do not publish pictures if you are not the photographer.
This is a group for Aurora images, and no chat group.
Please don't post images that's not related to this.

And of course: no advertisements.
This is not the right site for campaigning for your photos.

And please, don't add more than one picture a day.
We only accept photos published directly into the group. No links to your personal wall, or other websites.

This group was created just to collect as many high quality pictures of the amazing aurora as possible and share it with all those people who can't experience it live all over the world.

All photos must be published directly to your folder. If you publish the photo on the wall, it will be deleted.


1. Trykk på Bilder (i fanen under gruppe bilde)
2. Trykk på ”last opp bilder”
3. Velg bilde fra din PC, trykk Åpne”, og bildet lastes opp.
4. Bildet legges automatisk i en mappe. Den endrer du navn til ”Ditt Navn”
5. Beskriv bilde. Ta gjerne med tekniske data, hvor bildet er tatt osv
6. Trykk ”Liker”, og bildet publiseres på veggen


1. Under "Bilder": Last opp bilder / upload picture
2. When picture is uploaded, it is placed in a folder. Name this folder with your name. This is your folder for future uploads.
3. Describe your picture. Technical data, as well as place where the picture was taken.
4. Hit “like” button, and the picture is published to the front page

There is a chat group for Aurora related chatting. Please visit and ask for membership if you like to discuss Aurora stuff.

Group administrators are Truls Tiller, Mari-Anne Jacobsen and Frank Olsen
Feel free to contact admins if you have any questions