Australian German Shepherd

A welcoming group for Australian lovers of the GSD to come together to ask questions, post photos, give friendly advice and to tell entertaining stories of their ever faithful companions.

Please read the following rules:

1. Be polite. No fighting, bullying or harassment will be tolerated.

2. Do not name and shame people or businesses (including Kennels/Prefixes, Veterinarians etc). If you have a problem do NOT mention names on the wall or in documents. We can be held accountable if we allow this on the group and information can and has been used in court in other groups before.

3. No posts of other ppl dogs, unless with consent from the owner. Copy/paste of other ppl pics will not be tolerated. Anyone found coping & reposting another person dog, without consent, will be removed from the group.

4. Please do not promote/advertise any dogs or goods on the page. There is an exception however to Rescue/foster dogs in the following rule.

5. Fridays we will have an admin post to allow advertising of foster and rescue dogs for adoption. You may advertise only in the comments section of this post and all details given or a link to the dogs profile.

6. Do not abuse or shame admin. If you do not agree with what we have said please politely PM us. Do not publicly start a post abusing us.

Members who do not follow these rules will be warned and banned from the group if it continues.

Admins: Aimee Hunter ..Nick Gyzi ..Aklaym German Shepherds..Lian Spafford..Lisa Rudd..Marg Bonnar..Rosie Yeoh..Emma Edwards..Friedental Kennels..