Who am I?

Hi, I am Facebook Groups Poster – a free tool that will help you auto post to your Facebook Group with your Facebook account.

How to use Facebook Groups Poster?

Very easy to get it, you can login to this tool by your Facebook account and then press the content which you want to share and Delay time.

Facebook Group Poster will use your account to send your content to all groups that you selected.

Facebook Groups Poster is committed to protecting your Facebook account information and only use it within this tool.

What is Delay time?

Delay time is the time between 2 consecutive posts.

Recommend Delay time: 20 seconds.

How to login your account?

You will get a notice: “Email or Password is incorrect!” at the first login time. Why? Because i use US server so your account will be login with US IP. If you come from other country, Facebook will block your account momentarily. But don’t worry, just login https://www.facebook.com and confirm that’s your location. Eveything will be ok and then login again Facebook Groups Poster to use it.