Association of American Women of Aberdeen (AWA - Aberdeen)

Welcome to the Official Facebook Group for the Association of American Women of Aberdeen, Scotland! The group offers an opportunity for expatriate women in Aberdeen to meet regularly for social and cultural exchange.

Ours is a rich and diverse group of primarily American and Canadian expatriates, but also expatriates from other countries, including Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, and even as far as Singapore. We are women from all walks of life, united in our interest to foster and develop a fun, welcoming environment for newcomers and expatriates in Scotland.

While the organization as a whole meets once a month for a general meeting, or a larger social event, there are many activity groups which meet more frequently - weekly, or fortnightly, thus allowing our members the opportunity to meet friends, socialize and also get to know Aberdeen.

If you are new in Aberdeen and are looking to get to know some like-minded people, we'd love to meet you! We hope you will choose to become a member of the AWA. Please note that for security reasons the AWA Facebook page is closed to current members. For information on joining please visit our website