Arizona's #1 Dallas Cowboys Fan Club


Welcome to the Arizona #1 Dallas Cowboy Fan Club. The group was founded in Dec 2010 with the vision of bringing all Dallas Cowboy fans together that resides here in Arizona. The Fan Club is also a place where Networking is a necessity whether it is for employment, entertainment, or anything else that fan members may need assistance in.
We understand that the state of the economy will have an impact on some members being consistently active, but we encourage everyone to give it your best effort to bring Cowboy fans and family out to the gatherings. The Fan Club Staff would like to reiterate that... We Will Always Carry Ourselves in a Professional and Courteous Manner.
The Fan Club Staff will actively pursue yesterday’s and today’s players to invite them to Arizona for autograph signings, club events, and fund raisers.
The Fan Club Staff would like you to know that Trust, Honesty, Maturity, Integrity, and Commitment is what We Pride Ourselves In and will continue to enforce that these Values are followed, as many of us travel with our families and small children to these events.
As our club grows larger and begins to spread, making us one of the largest Dallas Cowboys Fan Clubs in America, we have found it is important to set up regulations to help structure and bind us. All Administrators regularly hold meetings to go over our policies, changes, members, website info and so forth, this is one regulation being enforced as of 2012. In order to combat certain issues as a Non-Profit Organization and resolve any further ones from arising, it was voted unanimously on a "No Outside Sales Policy". Meaning only club affiliated products would be posted on the club page and website. Any other postings by any persons selling any items or services will be removed. We will then notify you that we have removed it due to this Regulation as a courtesy. We are asking all members to not post that they are selling any outside items not directly affiliated with Arizona's #1 Dallas Cowboys Fan Club. If you have any items you feel would be beneficial to the club or its members please do not hesitate to contact your local Administrator with information. Such items can be purchased or affiliated with the club to offer at our Club Shop at our website . We truly value and respect the membership and continued support of AZ#1DCFC from its members, sponsors and local affiliates. Because of that we must protect our values, members and selves from misrepresentation by any outside actions and legal actions from copyrighted items. Of course we would never ask that you change anything in your personal life or facebook page. If any members were to ask, inquire or like to have any item that you can offer or make we would gladly tell them who to talk to and where to go without hesitation! Only, to keep it fair and consistent we will be applying these rules immediately and to all club pages. We hope that you understand. If you have any questions you may contact any Administrator on these or any other matters. All Admins are listed directly below.
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