Belizeans Against GMO (Genetically Modified Organism)

We are at the cross road of our own food supply, and the entire nation must be well informed and demand it altogether in order to combat the powerful propaganda of multinational cooperations like Monsanto, because illusion like "saving the world hunger, improving crop yield and nutrition" are being marketed in order for people to HAND OVER the power of deciding what we eat to a handful of cooperations.

These companies were able to patent life forms (think about just how ridiculus that sounds) such as seeds and plants becuase of gene modification. A seed patent means the right to exclude anyone from making, using, saving or developing the patented product. If it is a machine, it doesn't matter; if its is an airplane, it doesn't matter, because Boeing makes airplane that a local farmer doesn't know how to make. But in terms of seeds, when a companies like Monsanto has the patent right to it, FARMERS SAVING SEEDS IS TREATED LIKE A THIEF - an intellectual property thief. When a farmer's corn field is contaminated by GM corn through wind pollination, the farmer is also treated like a thief. This is how 1500 farmers have been sued by Monsanto after Monsanto contaminated their crop. And this is why we must stop the importation of GM corn to plant as a trial, even if it is just a small scale operation.

We live in a democratic country, which means the public opinion matters to our vote seeking politicians. With a united voice we can demand our Belize to be GMO's free. So introduce the idea of GMO's to your friend and kindly invite them to this group.Tell Gabino Canto from Ministry of Agriculture (who issued the permit) to obey our government policy enacted in 2009, which placed a 5 year moratorium on planting GMO's; and tell the Mennonite Henry Wolf (Owner of Midwest Steel) and John Carr from Banana Bank to stop risking our future with GM corn.

What is GMO?
Genetically Modified Organism is normally applied to the creation of new plant species by inserting genes from a certain organism (bacteria gene in the case of Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) corn) into plant to produce certain characteristic, such as releasing of Bacillus thuringiensis toxin on its own so it is more bug resistant.

Why are we objecting?

1. The release of ANY genetically modified material into the environment is potentially hazardous. No one anywhere in the world knows what long terms effects there might be on human, animal or plant health. Some evidence is only now starting to emerge that human health may be impaired as a result of ingesting genetically-modified products.

2. The trials conducted over the past twenty years around the world have concluded that genetically modified plants need more (not less) water and fertilizer and the benefits are little if any.

3. Insecticides and herbicides for genetically modified plants are supplied only by three manufacturer-Monsanto Corporation, Dow Chemicals and Syngentics Corporation of the USA .

4. Crop yields from trials in US have failed to show any improvement over natural crops, some have even showed reduced yield.

5. Farms where genetically modified seed has been planted are monitored by these companies. It is expressly forbidden to retain seed from GM crops for planting in subsequent years. New seed must be purchased from these three suppliers each year as the seed is patented.

6. The introduction of genetically modified crops to Belize represents a serious threat to our farming industry and to the families which rely on it.

In 2009 the Belize Ministry of Agriculture put a 5 year moratorium on the importation of any genetically modified materiel into Belize. It appears to have changed its mind.

Belizeans against GMO wishes to draw this matter to the attention of the Belizean people and to the farmers of this country and to urge them to unite and resist the serious threat genetically modified plants and materials pose to our livelihood and environment .