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Welcome to Bahama Voice: A group where we discuss EVERYTHING!

1. Please be respectful of other opinions even those that may differ from your own.
2. Personal or malicious attacks on others are not allowed.
3. Excessive swearing or cursing at someone is not allowed. Some provocative language may be admitted depending on the nature or context of the topic once it is not used with the intent to insult another person.
4. Gory pictures are not allowed e.g. having or showing a lot of violence and blood.
5. Everyone is free to post any topic they like. If you desire to see a topic that interests you, we encourage you to start a thread.
6. Please respect that others may participate in topics that may not interest you.
7. Bahama Voice is not political.
8. Bahama Voice does not have a theme and is therefore not confined to specific subject matter or content.