Barbados Eats, Treats & Crafts

Barbados Eats, Treats & Craft is for Food and Craft Related items.. Gifts baskets, holiday food stuffs, restaurant specials, etc. and Homemade/Artisan gift/craft items made for sale.

Photos - Each person/vendor/restaurant should create ONE (1) photo album and use that continuously, rather than posting separate albums. place your food photos, fliers etc in that one album and keep it updated. Delete old flyers, etc.. add menu's.. photos that will encourage dinners and buyers..

NO Spam/Scam/Porn etc..
NO large businesses, electronics/phones, etc..
NO Shop Stock to sell off
NO weight loss products, vitamins, etc..

The Rules will evolve as we go along.

You may post a link to your food truck/restaurant/small home business on the wall.