Barnsley Youth Choir

Barnsley Youth Choir was established in February 2009 following a number of large scale choral projects in the area. The choir has over 150 members aged 7-19 and is an inclusive community choir that serves young people who live, are educated or work in the Barnsley Borough.

The choir uses the Kodaly method to develop technical skills and has developed a close association with the world famous Kodaly School in Keschemet, Hungary, hosting the outstanding Aurin and Miraculum choirs. The choir is run on a voluntary basis which makes membership free for all members. There is a highly proactive team of volunteers who support the choir including a a highly effective committee.

The choir regularly performs to sell-out audiences and is constantly in demand to perform at prestigious events and for fundraising events for local and national charities. There are a number of residential trips planned for the choir including a performance at the Olympic Stadium in Newham, London. The choir also has a strong social team and have regular disco's and social events. This vibrant and enthusiastic choir has developed a varied repertoire that includes Classical, Pop, Gospel, Spiritual, Rock and Folk music and prides itself on providing young people with skills that enable them to perform in up to six parts.

The choir is run by a team of five highly talented musical directors overseen by its MD Matthew Wright. When organisers first established the choir the vision was to have one choir of around 40 young people. Because of overwhelming demand the choir is now split into 4 sections; Barnsley Training Choir, Barnsley Children's Choir, Barnsley Youth Choir and. the newly formed Barnsley Camerata which caters for older members.

We are always interested in hearing from talented young people who wish to join...particularly 7-10 year olds and boys. Please get in touch....what's stopping you? It's fun, it's free and you get to improve your singing with expert vocal coaches!