Atheists and Theists Death BATTLE

No this is not a TROLL group.

Rules posted here.

Welcome to Atheists and Theists Death BATTLE!!! What is your weapon of choice? Choose wisely. ;)

1. No trolling or personal attacks.
2. No e-begging e.g. “Click this link and you will make more money”; “Join my business.”
3. All denominations are welcome. Do not say “I am more religious than another religious individual.”
4. All religions and non-religions are welcome.
5. No preaching or idle threats allowed i.e you will burn in hell for your beliefs.
6. No racism, blanket hateful statements (e.g. All Muslims are wife beaters/drink camel piss) against any group of people (religious or otherwise) or hate speech towards LGBT people allowed. (Gay marriage will more than likely be a topic of debate, and it is very possible to discuss this topic in a civil manner.)
7. No exposing members outside or inside of the group using personal info or private messages. (This includes posting comments, messages or other details about a member to try to embarrass them.)
8. All posts and comments must be in English.
9. No blocking admins!!!
10. Please do not delete your threads, simply because you are losing a debate, or don't like what others say. If you do it often, you will receive a warning, and if you keep doing it then you will be banned.
11. Do not spam up the group with one picture after another or simply post stuff you found on the internet endlessly in threads. We all like a funny picture, but hogging the page is rude. Similarly, do not simply bombard us with stuff you think supports your beliefs ad nauseum and fail to enter into discussion. Discussion is NOT simply reiterating your beliefs like a parrot. We are not your sounding board.
12. Do not post horrendously inflammatory memes/pics or videos of someone blown to pieces in order to obtain a laugh. Users don't have an automatic right to an audience. We will remove such posts and you may end up being banned.
13. No political posts, EXCEPT in the context of policy with religion. Users must refrain from posting anti-politician post and President bashing.
14. Please refrain from posting threads about conspiracy theory nonsense. We are not becoming THAT group.
15. No HIT AND RUN posts. Respond to your post, if members ask questions, within 12 hours.

Leave members alone if they personally ask you to leave them alone. If you have any problems tag an admin (Alicia Padgett, Dustin Farmer, Jade Sophia, Nicholas Christian, Miguel Phosteur, Justin Lee, Harl Smith, Danni Lee, or Chelsea Lewis) in the comments.

Please note, in order to keep the group tidy, any duplicate posts like the same news story you saw on digg or the same funny picture that someone else already posted will be deleted. Any posts with unavailable attachments will be deleted.

Edit Sep 1 2014 - Added rule 11 - tweaked rule 6.
Edit Sep 11 2014 - Added rule 12
Edit Sept 20 2014 - Fixed grammar