This site is for buying, selling and swapping within BAZARAKI CY...PRUS and the local community.
All posts should be made in english.or greek.
Please post or 'bump' a maximum of 5 items a day and do not continually 'bump' your items. If more than 5 items are posted or bumped they may be deleted.
Businesses should post a maximum of once a week/7 days, with a link to their site (Please contact admin for details of limitations). Posting pictures of stock is not permitted nor is trading.
We do not support the sale of animals (particularly pedigree dogs) on this site. These posts will be removed.
Remove your items when sold.
Photos over a month old will be removed.
Do not share personal details or information of a sensitive nature on this site.
Foul language, unfair trading, personal comments, comments of a derogatory or abusive nature and any failure to comply with the site regulations will result in the individual(s) concerned being removed from the site, without further discussion.
All transactions are private agreements between individuals and we urge everyone to ensure items are fully functioning before purchasing.
Happy buying, selling and swapping!