Big Chief Studios Fans

Hello! Feel free to invite your BCS-loving friends! I thought it'd be nice to have a group on Facebook to discuss our love of Big Chief and their figures, and help each other when we have questions. And, of course, to share our pictures!

Community Guidelines

Here are some very simple guidelines we've established, based on feedback from our members:

1. This community is for discussing all things Big Chief Studios—Dynamix Vinyls, art prints, 1/6 action figures and whatever else they might spring on us!

2. Photos of all kinds are welcome, as long as the main focus is on BCS stuff.

3. Try to limit discussion of non-BCS toys and merch unless you're making some connection/comparison to BCS stuff or it in some way complements BCS products.

4. Please no buy/sell/trade of non-BCS stuff. B/S/T for BCS products or BCS-based customs and the like is fine.

5. Off-topic talk and tangents are fine during the course of a conversation, and help us get to know each other a little better, but let's try to limit that as the basis for a new post.

6. Have fun! These are just helpful guidelines, and not meant to strangle conversation or fun. If you see something you're not interested in, just keep scrolling and/or bring up a topic you do want to talk about!