Arsenal FC BD (The home of Bangladeshi gooners)

We are the group that believes, with or without a trophy...
If you don't believe ARSENAL can do it , this isnt the place for you
In ARSENE we trust and stand for better or worse...

Arsenal fans are creating a lot of shout all over the world,and here we are trying to get all the fans in one place and introduce Bangladeshi Gooners to the world.
Its not just a group,it is place where we will be sharing a lot of Arsenal news including transfers (rumors and the real ones),we will be having big events and also will bring all the gooners from every corners of Bangladesh into one place.

Some rules you need to follow:
-You cant personally attack someone
-You cant use slang or abusive word to any players,stuff,manager of Arsenal football club
-You can criticize,but you can not show hate/use bad words at any Arsenal managers,players and stuff
-Posting nude/pornographic pictures,advertisement is strictly prohibited
-You will be warned for breaking any rule,but there will be no second warning but a direct ban will be applied