Bech De (Delhi Chapter)

BECH DE is build to become a self-help online platform to buy/se...ll unused items lying with individuals at discounted price.

T & C( Updated on 18 May16)
#Send the request to join the group(your request may not get accepted in case of a junk/commercial profile)

#If a post is reported by more than 5 members, both post & member will be banned from this grp.

#Avoid posting a product without a selling price or else it will be considered free.

#Selling multiple products through a single post is encouraged. Hence, Not More than 3 post/day is allowed from a single member.

#Avoid reposting and just give a fresh comment on the same old post.

No promotional/commercial postings are allowed like promoting a group/website/retail store/job portal etc.(Admin can be surely contacted in case of promotional cover page/pinned post depending on feasibility)

This platform is meant for trading and encouraging discussion which tends towards that direction and hence avoid to indulge in any sort of conversation which doesn't align with the group vision.

Members should feel responsible and be vigilant towards any inappropriate/spam posts/members and report it immediately to the admin by tagging #admin.

Disclaimer: Admin reserves the right to moderate any elements like texts/members/graphics which may further subject to deletion/ban from this group.