Belize Medical Mission 2016

Every year the graduating class of nursing students organize a medically based mission trip to Belize through the company ProWorld.

Most Belizeans understand the importance of public and clinical health and are eager and receptive to learning more. Unfortunately, poverty and tradition prevent many people in rural areas from putting into practice what they learn about healthcare. ProWorld partners with various local public health organizations to make public healthcare/education more accessible. By creating sustainable education practices and lessons plans, outreach efforts, and health services consultations, ProWorld participants can help bring more awareness to these vital issues.

Program Fees per Participant Program Fees include:
Full room and board
8 days
$1,665 with excursion to Xuantunich $1,545 without excursion to Xuantunich
 All on-site domestic transportation from arrival to departure
Roundtable discussion with community members
Community project planning, setup, execution and follow-up
Sustainable project donation and material project purchase for the community
Cultural and adventure activities
Pre-trip organizational discussions and program materials
Extensive staff support throughout all phases of the program
24-hour emergency access to support staff and offices
Health and travel insurance for every participant
$9M insurance policy protecting Partner School and students

The only additional costs that we can expect with the plane ticket (between $700-1500) and visas (?)
I'm thinking that we will get the tickets with a travel agency with travel insurance embedded. I would like to buy the tickets late december or early january (we need to buy them together to ensure none of us gets lost along the way) because that is when it will be cheapest.

Any questions, feel free to post them here so I can answer them for everyone!

Remember that this is a group effort and we're all fundraising together (if you don't participate and help with fundraising you won't be getting the funds for that fundraising event - it's only fair)

Please help spread the word about the trip and get your friends involved! We need at least 10 people to make this trip a go! :P

I would love for you all to continue this amazing tradition with me, I think it will be an amazing learning experience, an awesome chance to bond with your graduating class, and a really cool vacation!