Belize Expats

This is a group for people living in Belize from other countries (expats), or researching their future move to Belize! This group is a "safe" place where current or future Belize Expats can exchange information without worrying about whether their question is silly or been asked a thousand times.

Come join in the "all things Belize" conversation!

Rules – We’re sorry to say it, but there have to be a few rules to help keep things enjoyable in here:

1) There are many expats that are in business in Belize, and that is WonDerFul! And YES we want others to know what you have to offer, but please keep postings of the same item/topic to one a month. If it gets excessive you will be notified. There are several Belize classifieds on Facebook, we don’t want this to become another one.

2) It is not OK to send negative, harrassing or abusive private messages to ANY member of this group. PERIOD. If you are found doing that, you will be banned from the group and a post will be made letting everyone know that you did so.

3) Belize Expats respects ALL its members. Inflammatory, divisive, sexist or racist remarks, photographs or posts will be automatically deleted and you may be banned from the group.

4) Non-Belize related topics are usually deleted upon archival to keep the search function accurate. Simply put: If you post jokes or other such material, it will be deleted once the group has had its fun with it and it becomes inactive for a day or two.

There is another group for things “off topic” that can be the perfect place for those questions and posts that don’t belong in “Belize Expats”. Visit here and we’ll add you!

It IS NOT the policy of this group to allow profiles that have a business name in the first name/last name fields into the group. So if your profile is a business name you will not be allowed to enter the group, for transparency reasons and out of respect for others in the group.