Belize Volunteers' Club

To join please fill out the form by using this link
A group for Belizeans who want to give back to our society. (Not for community service hours nor recognition but just to give back). There are no mandatory schedules since we are not an institution but basically people giving a hand to organizations already out there helping out. We will coordinate with them to see how many people they need, time and etc and post here, those of you who can go, then goes, if you cannot make one or two project because u CANT,that is fine. We give when we can, anything is better than nothing and 10 minutes is 10 minutes more than they had without you.
Mission: To collaborate with and to assist non-profit organizations in carrying out community based services and works, using teamwork, communication and organization.

Vision: To galvanize Belizeans to put their fingerprint on the uplifting of our society.