Beltway Blues: Chelsea FC Supporters of Washington D.C.

Welcome to the meeting place for supporters of Chelsea Football Club in the Washington DC metro area! Beltway Blues is a proud regional affiliate club of Chelsea in America. We are an officially recognized supporters group with a banner at Stamford Bridge.

This is a place to coordinate gatherings to watch matches at local venues, and to have friendly discussions about our favorite club.

"All of us - Teams, Directors, Managers - Are passing through a football club. SUPPORTERS ARE THERE ALWAYS. And they never forget." -Gianfranco Zola, 2005

A couple Rules! ---
1. Upload photos only of your own personal experiences with Chelsea FC. Whether it be a visit or a tour of Stamford Bridge, photos of a match you attended, or a gathering of fans at a pub, whatever. Please keep the glamour photos of Frank Lampard or JT to yourself. ;)

2. Nothing offensive (whether if be a discussion or photo) shall be posted, or else it will be removed. Please keep any content, verbal or otherwise, PG-13. Be respectful of others.

3. We do not have private information about players/staff, and anyone who publicly posts anything or asks questions, those will be taken down. When CFC are on tour here in the USA we will remove any requests (and answers) for the location of the team's hotel, unless it is public knowledge. We respect their privacy, so please do not post photos of when you have not.

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