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Welcome- BTS and Potential customers and Community Members.

Thank you for making yourself familiar with how this group operates, Not only does the group Value your input, feedback, advertising and promoting but we value that everyone is familiar with the rules to make it successful, Fair, and not a spamming Group.

# IMPORTANT Please Refer to Our Group Information Located In GROUP INFORMATION Album Under Photo's( Click the link at the top of the Group "photos") all information can be found here.
* General Information (all)
* Uploading your BTS (BST)
* Searching as a Customer (all)
* No BUMPING rules (all)
* Promoting your BTS (BTS)
* Sales Promotion (BTS)
* How to Help Keep site successful (all)

The Group is designed to be beneficial to BTS owners to advertise for free and be a part of the group for resources, help and recommendations and most of all local support.

WHILE most importantly Being a service to be accessed by Potential customers, making the Group easy and effective –hence the INDEXING and SUB headings. The last thing any of us want apart from competition is losing a potential customer so I restrict the BTS Advertises to ensure we can keep our customers on board.

All Questions, Assistance, Image creation, Sub heading adding and anything else can be answered and done By admin (BTS) So please don't hesitate to Inbox or post to the wall.

The group and Admin will not tolerate Abusive posts, Abusive messaging or any deliberate miss information towards members. Feedback can be constructive criticism with ideas on how to improve and before any negative feedback is advertised Admin will contact the 2 in question and see if there is something that can be rectified ,Positive always welcome.

Most of all I hope I don’t have to pull out the rules and hope everyone can respect every other individual in the group and support each other in delivering good quality local service in the local area.

I am available to assist with any trouble you may be facing and am happy for any feedback recommendations or Ideas to introduce to the group.

The way I see it is this Group is something that belongs to everyone either to promote or gain a BTS…. Enjoy have fun. If you can think of anything else that needs to be added to these rules please let me know CHEERS