Bengali Food Lovers

Walled Garden of Bengali Food Lovers...

This group is for and sharing the great culinary skills from the Bengali kitchen.

We really appreciate your original posts with recipes and please try to use your own photos. If you are reposting someone else's photo then please post a link to that photo with credits to the owner. We like everyone's creativity.

You are welcome to post your blog, website links too if they are related to Bengali Food.

I will accept non-Bengali food posts sometimes. Please do not be offended if I have to take them down. It is just so that I want to keep this garden clean as I deem fit.

Any posts that is not related to food will be deleted immediately. Obviously I as the admin and owner of this group have the rights to post what I deem fit.

I welcome adverts related to Bengali Food from all over the world and would like to get sponsors for photo competitions, recipe bake-offs etc. You can post ads for your food festivals, restaurants, recipes, sites etc if they are related to Bengali Food.