Cincinnati Bengals Jungle

This group is BENGALS Fans ONLY!!!! GROUP RULES: 1. No personal attacks on other members! 2. No flooding the page with ads or spam, nobody cares or wants to see that. 3. DO NOT SAY THAT SOMEONE ISN'T A FAN UNLESS THEY ARE GOING FOR ANOTHER TEAM. EVERYONE HERE IS A FAN, OR THEY WOULDN'T BE HERE. PERIOD. We are all Who Dey Family here. 4. Post anything you want as long as it is FOOTBALL related. Posts may get off topic, and that's okay, but original post should have something in it about football or not be too out there. NO NUDITY. 5. Selfies are good as long as you don't post a bunch of the same thing... seriously, nobody wants to see the same person on the page over and over. 6. Please check the group before you post for double postings. If it's already on the page, just comment on that thread. 7. NO PERSONAL DRAMA IN HERE. NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOUR PERSONAL PROBLEMS. WE ARE FOOTBALL FANS, NOT THERAPISTS. 8. Have fun and WHO DEY!!!!! 9. DO NOT BLOCK ADMINS!!