Bermuda Blessed Beyond Measure

This group was created to assist members in the Bermuda community via recycling clothing, shoes and accessories for the entire family. I've been a volunteer for various charities over 20 years and have had this on my To Do lists for years. It's time to get this project started.

Please go through your closets/garages and post whatever you think would benefit another person and/or family.
1. If you have something to donate/give, use a simple format such as
To Give: Boys Winter Clothes (size 8).

2. If you are looking for an item use a simple format such as Looking For: Men's Work boots size 12.

3. There will be no lists (unless otherwise deemed necessary).

4. Persons who state that they are interested in the item(s) will have 1st preference.

5. Make arrangements to collect item. After pickup please don't forget to delete your post.

Note: We would like for this "sharing is caring" experience to be beneficial to all persons. As adults, let's be fair and thoughtful of others.

Thank you FB family and may God Continue to Bless You!