Butterfly and Moths of Bhutan

Welcome dear friends to Butterflies and Moths of Bhutan Group.

This group is for sharing photographs of Butterflies and Moths from Bhutan but can upload photos of Butterfly and Moths from Indian subcontinent and other parts of the world provided the place & date of photographs are mentioned in the caption clearly.

In this group we encourage the fruitful and productive discussion on the field of the subject. Please use this forum as a platform for knowledge sharing and exchange of ideas in the subject.

Members please keep in mind using of unacceptable language, personnel comments which hurt the other members sentiments are intolerable and strict action (BANNED PERMANENTLY FROM THE GROUP) will be taken to the members.

We are very thankful to the experts for their help in identifying the species and their valuable suggestions which improves our knowledge in the topic, without them this group will be meaningless.

We specially thanks to Peter Smetacek (UK, India), Isaac Kehimkar (BNHS, India), Monsoon Jyoti Gogoi (India), Saito Motoki (BSJ, Japan), Dr. Roger Kendrick (Hong Kong), Zdenek Faltynek Fric, Gary Saunders (UK) for their valuable comments and suggestions which help us to improve our knowledge.

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