Business Ideas Botswana

Opportunities, opportunities, opportunities. You’ll never run out of them, it’s the lack of knowledge and implementation
that defies them. You have a business idea that you can’t implement or have no interest in? Trust this: someone will find great use for it and might realize it (In the long run, it might be the kind of business that will be resourceful to yours, have a bigger picture in mind)!!! So let’s not allow ideas to halt and share them with audience that might be useful to them.

Entrepreneurship is the main thing that will set Batswana to be really independent :)
We set up this group as a way of encouraging upcoming youth entrepreneurs to help give advice to whatever ideas they might possess. After all ideas may not be worth anything unless the right implementation is applied, and here is the platform to ask and who knows, you might be the next thing we all need to look up to?

ElSenor Riskboy (Thato Poloko)
Thabo Theron
Chicco Fizz Marlon Sr
Sir-Baemedi BaXx Mogodi
Phenyo Victor Mafa