Business Information Centre of South Africa (BICSA)

Business Information Centre of South Africa (BICSA) is a not-for...-profit organisation that provides everyday business development information and customized structural solutions to entrepreneurs and multinational businesses.

Our centre is committed to the growth and success of businesses and non-governmental organisations in South Africa and Africa.

Business Information Centre of South Africa (BICSA) is therefore an ideal and the preferred one-stop-centre for international investors and entrepreneurs that need to set up business in this continent that yields better investment returns.


Honesty & integrity: acting with integrity and openness in all that we do and fostering a workplace in which honest and open communication thrives
Community contribution: being a good corporate citizen to the communities in which we live and work Quality service: obsessed with delivering quality service to our clients at all times.


To provide professional business information advice to all businesses and organisations
To assist International Investors in setting up businesses in Africa
To help entrepreneurs succeed by providing professional solutions to everyday business challenges.


As our mission states BICSA aspires to be the leading business information and advisory centre in setting up and running businesses and organisations in South Africa and the rest of the continent.


With a database of carefully selected professional partners, we offer services such as: * Business Advice and Information *Tender Advice and Assistance * Worker Relations Information * Fundraising & Investment Facilitation * Business Plans and Marketing Plan Development * Business Systems Development * Business Risk Management * Setting up Accounting Processes, Budgeting, etc. * Import and Export advice * Franchising * Taxation Advice * BEE Compliance Assistance *Corporate Law Advice * Specialist Human Resources Services * Mentoring, Coaching and Training Programmes * Business Workshop Facilitation * Corporate Events Management * Motivational Seminar Co-ordination * Company (Pty) Ltd / Section 21 Companies / N.G.O. / N.P.O. / TAX / CIDB / HBRC / COID / PAYE etc Registrations, Returns Submission and Amendments. * Accounting / Bookkeeping / Payroll Management * Brand & Marketing Management * Constitutions Development * Career and Business Workshop & Exhibitions Coordination...

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