Group Regulations & Suggestions for Admin & General Member.

Rule 1: Members including Admin are requested to make only posts which are relevant to this group (political, social or nationalistic). Any non-related posts will be deleted and member will be banned after two warnings..

Rule 2: Members spamming the group repeatedly will be banned immediately

Rule 3: Admin and Group members need to stand along the strategies of BJP. Anti-party comments or comments against party post-holders will not be entertained. Such members will be warned and if repeated banned thereof. Though constructive criticism is welcome.

Rule 4: Posts hurting Bharatiya sentiments (religious, social, cultural) will be deleted and OP will be warned. Members making such posts will be banned after one warning.

Rule 5: Personal attack and repeated abuses against members and Admin or BJP and related organizations will not be entertained. Such members will banned immediately

Rule 6: Admin members cannot be blocked. Members blocking Admin will be warned and given 24 hours time to unblock Admin. After that they shall be removed from the group.

Rule 7: Group members are must tag Admin members or produce screen shots in order to Admin take action instead doing Admin bashing

"Members should focus on constructive posts regarding BJP in Bengal and Bharat rather than merely bashing religious communities and other political parties" .

Objective of this group is to bring all BJP fans together and work towards making Modi our PM and eventually have BJP as the ruling party of Bengal . . . Come and join us to make us successful in our endeavor...

Every member in this group should proudly say Vande Mataram!!