Blackpool's Past ! ( Present and Future ! )

Founded by Blackpool Historian & Heritage Photographer Juliette Gregson, Joolz & friends aim to make you go *Oh I remember that!*

For the record ! 10 minutes ago is the past in my books!!!, what we capture today will be the history of yesteryear, if you prefer the older images scroll past the newer ones!

YOU DON'T like the rules, don't join, sorry this is not a playround* to moan about the council etc et al, there are other groups for that. PLEASE remember this when posting, some people may not have your viewpoint of history. Thank you.

Sorry I cannot please everybody for most of the time :)

Share your images and memories of a Bygone Blackpool :O) old, vintage, being knocked down or even new build :O)

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The aim of this group is to share images that we have of vintage Blackpool be they from the turn of the century.