Bhartendu Academy of Dramatic Arts , Lucknow

Bhartendu Academy of Dramatic Arts (Bhartendu Natya Ac...ademy-BNA - भारतेन्दु नाट्य आकादमी - بھارتیندو نآٹیَہ اکادمی ) came into existence as a drama institute on 2nd July 1975 by the sheer effort of the veteran theatre personality Padma Shri Raj Bisaria. In the course of time, it has become a significant autonomous drama institution under the ministry of culture, government of Uttar Pradesh(U.P.) The well known Hindi writer Padma Bhushan Amritlal Nagar was the first nominated chairperson of the institute. It was only in the year 1981 when the institute started providing two-year full time diploma course in theatre training. Today Bhartendu Natya Academy has become only second of its kind in India after National School of Drama, New Delhi.

The institute has produced a good number of professionals in the field of theatre, television and cinema. Salim Arif, Munish Sappal, Rajpal Yadav, Atul Tiwari, Anupam Shyam, Dinesh Shrivastava, Vibhanshu Vaibhav, Surya Mohan Kulshreshta, Jugal Kishor, Punit Asthana, Atul Shrivastavd, Lalit Singh Pokharia, Late P.D.Verma, Rakesh Shrivastava, Arun Trivadi, Smt. Chitra Mohan, Rajeev Jain, Vijay Pandit and many others are some of them.

The institution selects 20 candidates every year for its two year intensive training course. There is a provision of scholarship of Rs. 2000/- per month to each of the first twelve selected candidates. The objective of the course is to provide an all-round training in theatre to broaden the vision of imagination and aesthetics of the students. It consists of theoretical and practical knowledge of Acting, Direction and Indian and Western drama literature. At the end of the course, the students of second year make their visit to the Film & Television Institute of India(FTII), Pune or Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute (SRFTI),Kolkata for the basic training of film and television. This is a kind of extension program done with the financial support of Film Bandhu (a body under the Cultural Dept. of the U.P. govt.).

Performing Wings
* Repertory Company
The professional performing wing of BNA is Bhartendu Academy of Dramatic Arts Repertory Company and was set up in 1986, with an aim to promote professional theatre in India.
* Theatre Workshop Wing
Many theatre workshop are conduct by Bhartendu Academy of Dramatic Arts Repertory Company to promote amateur theatre in India.

Chairmans of BNA
* Padma Bhushan Amritlal Nagar
* Padma Bhushan Kunwar Narayan
*Dr.J.P. Singh
*Ramesh Chandra Tripathi
*Surendra Mohan
*Alok Sinha
*Dr. Ramesh Yadav
*Smt. Rita Sharma
*Sushri Nita Chaudhary
*Smt Rita Sinha(IAS)
*Shri Netaram
*Shailesh Krishna
*Anupam Kher
*Shailesh Krishna
*Pradip Shukla
*Shailesh Krishna
*Rahul Bhatnagar
*Smt.Rita Sinha(IAS)
*Smt.Nadira Babbar
*Yashwant NIkoshe(06.05.2008-present)

Directors of BNA
*Padma Shri Raj Bisaria(23.09.1975-10.09.1986)
*Dr.sachidanand Pathak
*Punit Asthana
*Atul Bagaee
*Padma Shri Raj Bisaria(30.01.1989-28.08.1982)
*Alok Sinha
*Ramesh Yadav
*Ravindra Kumar Sharma
*Kumari Nita Chaudhary
*Smt. Rita Sinha
*Padma Shri Raj Bisaria(05.07.1994-30.08.1994)
*Smt. Rita Sinha
*Padma Shri Raj Bisaria(28.05.1995-05.07.1995)
*Vinod Shankar Chouby
*Smt. Rita Sinha
*Shri Netaram
*Shailesh Krishna
*Dr. Anup Chandra Pandey
*Shailesh Krishna
*Late B.M. Shah
*Shailesh Krishna
*Smt.Sneha Agrawal
*Sudhir Sharma
*Shailesh Krishna
* Sushil Kumar Singh(10.06.1999-09.06.2004)
*Abhishek Singh(IAS)(10.06.2004-19.06.2005)
*Smt.Indu Sinha(22.06.2004-26.12.2006)
*Surya Mohan Kulshreshta(27.12.2006- 26.12.2009)
*Shri Avnish Awashti(27.12.09-12.07.2011)
* Stuti kakkar(13.07.2011- 28.07.2011)
*Jugal Kishore(29.07.2011- Present)

The current director of the institution is Jugal Kishore

Faculty Members
* Surya Mohan Kulshreshta ( Direction)
* Jugal Kishor (HOD of Acting & Repertory Chief)
* Arun Trivedi (HOD of Stage craft,Make-up and Light Design)
* Smt. Chitra Mohan (HOD of Indian and Classical Drama)
* Punit Asthana (Direction)
* Lalit Singh Pokharia (Costume Design)

Notable Visiting Faculty
* Padma Bhushan Habib Tanvir
* Late Sambhu Mitra
* Late Manohar Singh
* V.Ramamurthy
* Padma Shri Raj Bisaria
* Padma Bhushan Shyam Benegal
* Anupam Kher
* Padma Shri Ram Gopal Bajaj
* Dr.Chandraprakash Dwivedi
* Devendra Raj Ankur
* Roshan Taneja
* Motilal Khemu
* Hemandra Bhatiya
* Piyush Mishra
* Probir Guha
* Sachin Tiwary
* Robin Das
* Usha Ganguly
* Ranjit Kapor
* Sudhir Mishra
* Naseeruddin shah
* Himendra Bhatia

In the memory of Bharatendu Harishchandra “the Father of modern Hindi and theatrical writing” in August 1975 the Department of Culture, Uttar Pradesh state government established ”Bharatendu natya kendra” to provide intensive professional training on various aspects of theatrical started in Drama arts in the proper form on April 5, 1976. In 1981 this institution called the Bharatendu Natya Academy and started two year diploma course. Academy is an autonomous institution which has received financial assistance from the Department of Culture.

The academy completed twenty five years in August 2000 by Provideing students with intensive training in theater. Drama Academy provided intensive training in the Indian and western literature, acting, voice - conversational, speed run, pantomime - acting (improvisation), color - architecture, color crafts, design, stage makeup, costumes, decorations form, stage lighting design, direction and presentation process, etc. In Two year course in theatrical genre and in this theme of the work academy have own panels of subjects specialized professionals as well as additional national and international level of teachers and professionals are invited to trainee.

The Academy started the theory and practical training of film and television Radio program production and process in an introductory way for the final year students in 1999. So that they can educate them about the media In addition to training in drama genre .

Academy have four storey building, studio, theater, auditorium equipped with latest equipment, for creating intense and serious modern study and teaching environment classes with audio - video and a complete library with new books related to theater, computer, internet facilities and hostel facilities is also available.

Academy has established a professional drama house for dissemination and promotion of theatrical genre in the remote areas of Uttar Pradesh. The house presents shows many in various cities and provinces of India in addition to Uttar Pradesh.

In addition to the regular two year Diploma courses the Academy also provide training workshops in theater art in different cities of Uttar Pradesh. These workshops are to keeps the Communication of the Drama and Theater consciousness.

In addition to the regular two year Diploma courses the Academy also provide training workshops in theater art in different cities of Uttar Pradesh. These workshops are to keeps the Communication of the Drama and Theater consciousness.

With the objective of providing close introduction with the national and international theater for the Academy Trainees and other drama art lovers, time by time the Academy itself or in collaboration with the national level institutions organize the theater and drama festivals.

Academy held a monthly series by the name of “SAMWAAD” (dialogue). In this series various performances are related to literature and showcasing many art forms and direct dialogue with the audience took place. The program is managed by the students of the Academy.

Final year students are become more media aware after providing the theoretical and practical knowledge of production process of film and television.

One year internship is also an option after successfully completing one year diploma course.

In the country Bharatendu Natya Academy make own identity by delivering many creative and artistic
presentations. Academy is constantly moving to achieve its objectives.

****** Course Detail ********

Diploma in Dramatic Arts
(full time 2 year)

Eligibility: Graduation from a recognized university. Good Knowledge of Hindi & English. Working experience of ten plays & comprehensive study of ten Indian & Western plays. Medium: Hindi & English

Age Limit: 18-30 Years as on (01 .07.every year) (Five Years relaxation in age limit for S.C/S.T. candidates.)

How To Apply: Admission form along with prospectus can be obtained from B.N.A office on payment of Rs. 400/- by cash or by money order or bank draft in favour of Director, Bhartendu Natya Academy, Lucknow.

Fee is chargeable for the training. Scholarship of Rs 2000/- per month(ONLY FIRST 12 STUDENT) awarded to the students to cover tuition fees, hostel fees, educational material etc.

Admission procedure going on every year in month of MARCH to JULY 1st week.normally session start every mid of JULY.