Borzoi Rule!

This group is for the celebration of BORZOI in art, image, news,... and culture all over the world.

#1 Rule: Be nice or leave. ;


You are automatically added if I see a Borzoi in your profile; any dog at all really; you are networked with folks here; or share enough of your profile to give me a clue you're not an evil group-bomber.

I will ignore a request if it appears you are soliciting for the world's oldest profession; you have no shared info; or no Borzoi, dog or pet rock listed.


It's fun to see the handiwork of cottage artists/fine artists/photographers. Share away.

It's fun to see if a hobbyist is selling off Borzoi items. Share away.

It's fun to see kennel websites or updated ones. Share away.

It's fun to see puppies. Share away. But if you you really want to find homes for them, there are better groups devoted to this purpose. Please don't list dogs for sale.

It's fun to hear news of upcoming breedings with directions to your site/more information. Share away.

It's fun to share experiences, adventures, travels, and show news. Share away. But if you want to trash a judge/fellow exhibitor/or hotel clerk, there are better groups devoted to this purpose.

It's fun to see Borzoi from all over the planet. Share away and do tell us from whence you hail.

It's fun to hear of winners and top dogs and their activities across the globe. Share away.


If you find someone snuck in on this amazing list to sell monkeys, fake Louis Vuittons, or promote their personal escort service (despite my super spy skills) please report them. We have a specialized task team that tracks down and subscribes these people to over three-hundred advertising call lists. We don't fool around here.

Stay calm, carry on, and keep the Borzoi items coming!