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Our group was created... to provide a civil debating platform to people of all views. In order to keep this group enjoyable and create a common ground for all members please take a few minutes of your time to read the group rules.

Our Admins will add the [admin] title to their comments and act as Admins only when moderating a debate. Our Admins will act impartially when moderating a debate, and the same rules that apply to all group members equally apply to our Admins as well.

We have 6 “Red Lines” that apply here. These are:


D - Deleting a created thread without consulting an Admin is not allowed. Please remember that other debaters might have put a lot of thought and work into their comments.
E - Ensure that personal information of other group members is not used in your posts. Also, sending personal messages of sexual, threatening or insulting character will result in a ban.
B - Blocking an Admin will result in an immediate ban. If you have previously blocked an Admin from this group please remove that block.
A - Add a comment or a question when posting a meme.
T - Treat other members with respect. Insults or derogatory terms used against other members of the group will not be tolerated. Hate speech, of any kind, will be removed and offenders may be blocked.
E - Everyone is entitled to their own view even if you disagree with their choice of political party or ideology. By coming into this group you accept that it will include people of all views. Constructive debate between individuals and light-hearted banter is allowed within a thread, but targeting an individual in a post, making them the object of debate, will be considered bullying or harassment and will be treated accordingly.

Note: No religious posts what so ever unless it has direct links with current or upcoming legislation or government policy. If it has no direct political link with britain then it has no place here
(If in doubt Ask for example)

If you need admin assistance please send them a personal message or tag them in the relevant thread.

NOTE: The purpose of the group is to encourage people of different views to debate each other. However, if a conflict between two members becomes apparent and personal we would recommend those members to block each other. A guide on how to block another Facebook user can be found on the following link:

NOTE: If you are in disagreement with a decision made by an Admin please bring it up with that Admin directly. If you are not satisfied with the response, please bring it up with one of the other Admins for a "third opinion". However, we will not be debating Admin decisions publicly. Posts criticising admin decisions will be removed.

NOTE: Please ensure the material you share in the group does not break any relevant copyright laws. Ensuring it is solely the responsibility of the person sharing the material.

Thank you

The Admin Team