Guinea Pigs,and Their Loved Ones Too!


This GROUP is for sharing.Sharing questions and concerns. Sharing knowledge. Sharing the love of the animals that we all own.

We all want our animals to be happy and healthy, so I ask us to come together, to share advice as to how to keep them happy, until the end of their days.

I ask for everyone to treat each other like friends.


Please share pictures of your piggies, your piggies and yourself, piggies and your other pets, or even just photos of your other pets on their own! I am an avid animal lover, and will not discriminate on what pictures are posted, as long as they are family friendly.

Videos from your home or the internet are also welcomed!

This group can be used to post piggie pictures from the internet. This group can be used to rehome or locate piggies. It can be used for advice.

This group shall be a safe place, and bullying will not be tolerated. I will monitor closely, and hope that no problems arise.

Thanks for joining and please share cute pictures and video