Bangladesh Student Society Dundee, United Kingdom


BSSD, UK is a non-profitable organization that started its journey in December 2011 in the form of a small group to serve its members, the students, in improving their experience of Student life, and providing development opportunities for them.


• Provide real & practical information about Bangladeshi students’ life in Dundee, UK.

• Share practical information about choosing a course and educational institute in Dundee, UK.

• Share information on how to find jobs.

• Share information on accommodation.

• Share information on educational experience in Dundee, UK.

• Share information about how you can lead a life within reasonable expenses.

• Share any necessary information which can help in students’ daily life.

• Aim to build up a community which will include every Bangladeshi students in Dundee, UK.

• Aim to build up a community of Alumni by storing their profile.

• Aim to provide sufficient information for the prospective students who are interested to come to Dundee, UK.

• Aim to make a bridge between Bangladeshi Origin British students in Dundee, UK.

• Aim coordinate with all the organisations who are involved with students and Bangladeshi community in Dundee, UK


Bangladesh Student Society Dundee, UK was established by the students living in Dundee, UK to help each other, to share knowledge and experiences. Here in a small context we endeavored to explain our activities, problems and solutions.

Our objective is to create a platform for all the Bangladeshi students, who are studying in various colleges, universities, schools and institutions in Dundee, UK. As all our issues are quite similar, so we think sharing each others experiences regarding JOBS, ACCOMMODATIONS, COURSES,…….etc. can make our life easier.

We can also advice prospective students about their concerns or queries. So join BSSD to find out more about student life in Dundee, UK. All the information provided, are based on the real life experiences of the students. We also appreciate and welcome all our members to contribute to our page and group by writing about their experiences.

We also celebrate various days; organize different social and cultural events. So it can be Fun. Some of our most successful ones to date have been the Ekushey Magazine Launching Party , Borshoboron 1419, Eid party, Ifter party, Bijoy Dibos, BSSD Launching Party as well as continuing to improve the student experience here at Dundee.

To know all the information and our activities, you must be a registered member of BSSD. Membership is free for all the students in Dundee, UK and all the prospective students interested about coming to Dundee, UK.