✭Bloomington Kizomba✭

✭✭Bloomington Kizomba✭✭
is a group that exis...ts to spread the love of Kizomba dancing in the Bloomington area‼ ✭✭

➢ ➢ History of Kizomba: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kizomba
➢ ➢ History of this group: This group was started by a few Kizomba enthusiasts in town who want to share the dance with everyone willing to learn. It was conceived and took root Summer of 2016. Now you are a part of it's history!

◰ ◱ ◲ ◳ Feel free to participate in the group! Share your ideas or your events. Try to keep your shares related to Kizomba or the interest of the members of this group.

We Support many other dance groups in and around town.
Here are a few:
Ritmos Latinos Indiana
Swing Dance Club at IU

◧ ◨ ◩ ◪ More info will be updated and shared when available, until then feel free to ask questions or make suggestions.