(BUHKSA) Boston University Hong Kong Student Association

Boston University Hong Kong Student Association is a student organization with an objective to promote Hong Kong culture and experience both within and outside BU.

Our mission throughout the academic year is to provide a supportive network for Hong Kong students at BU, introduce Hong Kong culture to members of the University community, and establish links between alumni and current BU students.

With more than 150 students from Hong Kong, HKSA tries its best to organize a wide variety of events and functions for students to participate. The Association also welcomes students from other countries to join us in order to enhance understanding among people from different cultural backgrounds and lifestyles. All students of Boston University - part time, full time, undergrad, grad, etc- with a vested interest in the HK culture are welcome to join!

Be a part of the BU Hong Kong family! Come join us, meet new friends, and be ready to have a lot of fun! :)

Please don't hesitate to contact any one of our current officers for inquiries:

Executive Board (2014-2015) ~
President : Kenneth Lee
Vice President: Vincent Ng
Treasurer: Brian Lee
Secretary: Hilary Cheung
Public Relations Officer: Chloe Lam
Advertising Chair: Norma Poon
Creative Chair: Ashley Lee
Event Director: Linus Liu
Event Director: Justin Padilla
Sophomore Representative: Daniel Yang
Freshman Representative: Katherine Roznik
Freshman Representative: Kevin Chan