Humanists of Boston University

The Humanists of BU are a collection of freethinking, inquisitive people who embrace skepticism while rejecting dogmatism. We are attempting to create a welcoming place for the nonreligious person on campus, but we also extend an offer to the religious person to join us in exploring morality and building a community of empathetic and interesting students.

Within the confines of the group, religion will not be derided as stupid, delusional, or a scam (as so many have blithely asserted) and condescension in any context is held to be disreputable.

Recent topics have included the ethical implications of boiling a lobster, the status of atheists and agnostics in America, framework for a religious-nonreligious dialogue, and an exploration of death. We also sponsor speakers and are attempting to create a network for efficient volunteering.

New members can expect a 30-day guarantee of mental stimulation, interesting people, and a chance to become personally invested in a genuine group of compassionate people. If you have not received these at the end of 30 days, your president will become your indentured servant for the amount of time you consider you have wasted.

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