BRACU Students who are die hard fan of Manchester United.......

Founded on: 19th July 2011

Founders : Nahian Rahman (Fall 09)
SK Abdullah Al Jameo (Summer 09)
and Irfanul Haque Khan (Spring 09)

We the admins want this group to be everlasting and enormous to BRACU students as support for MAN UTD is everlasting and huge..

This group is a tribute by the students of BRAC University to the great MANCHESTER UNITED FOOTBALL CLUB (MUFC) with over 650 million supporters worldwide. MAN UTD is the most successful club in EPL history with glory of winning 19 titles and the famous Treble as first and only English team winning it.

So if you are a true MAN UNITED fan and a student of BRACU then join here, share your love for UNITED with us and invite all fans to join...


Dear Manchester United fans, please avoid using the term 'Man U' since it is used by opposition fans to offend the club. An early example of its usage is this chant by West Brom fans: "Duncan Edwards is manure, rotting in his grave, man you are manure- rotting in your grave". Liverpool and Leeds fans copied this with their own man you /u versions to insult all of those who died at the Munich Air Disaster. Some other examples include: "Man U, Man U, went on a plane. Man U Man U never came home again." and "Man Utd Never Intended Coming Home" (If you combine the first letter of each word, you get the word 'Munich')

So, please spread the word about not using 'Man U'.