For sale/swap/buy/giveaway in Bury and surrounding areas

This group is intended for local people in Bury (Greater Manchester) and surrounding areas to sell new and unwanted items

The group is going to run on 5 simple rules which are as follows :

1 : All for sale posts need prices or your post will not be approved

2 : Members with more than 4 posts need to create an album

3 : No business adverts including advertising other groups!! The only businesses allowed are collecting/delivering service for items NOT catalogues, gardening or home improvements, eg, kitchens, wall designs, handymen etc or child minding services

4 : No tobacco products, alcohol or weapons ( kitchen knifes included)

5 : Please bump your posts rather than re posting

Although there is no rule on this group for advertising pets please be aware no sale of banned breeds of dogs whether they are crossed or not.

Failure to comply with these rules will result in your removal from the group

happy selling and buying people :)

***The group administrators*** can not be held accountable for exchanges between members. If you have a dispute, please keep it off the group.

Feel free to contact admin