Bury and Bolton ME/CFS Support Group

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Facebook Group for members of The Bury and Bolton ME/CFS Support Group.

The Bury and Bolton ME/CFS Support Group was founded in September 1990 and aims to provide support for sufferers of ME/CFS and their carers. People with Fibromyalgia are also welcome, and we are working with Fibromyalgia UK. We aim to increase awareness of the illness to the general public and campaign for NHS service provision for children and adults in the Bolton and Bury areas.

We have nine meetings a year in Harwood, Bolton and monthly socials in Radcliffe and Prestwich. We produce a montly newsletter with the latest local news and any research updates. We have free weekly yoga sessions designed for the average ME/CFS sufferer and an electric scooter and manual wheelchair to borrow. There is also a well stocked library of books and CD's available at the Harwood meetings.

To see more about what we do, please visit our website at www.mesupportgroup.co.uk.

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