Business To Business Networking Sales Exchange

A professional group designed solely for DS reps & small business owners to network & help each other increase their sales, simply by being each other's customers...

Quick Overview:
*Please Read Before Requesting To Join*

~There is an (IP) Initial Purchase of $25, not including tax/shipping cost required in order to be placed in either a COTM (consultant of the month) or COTW (consultant of the week) group.

~IP's MUST be made to the member that refers you to the group, or admin if you have no referrer

~Each month or week, according to a 6 month rotation schedule, one member in each COTM or COTW will have the spotlight, which means the other group members must make purchases from that member.

~COTM purchases are a minimum of $40, which includes tax/shipping cost

~COTW purchases are a minimum of either $10, $20, $30, $40 or $50, which includes tax/shipping cost

We'd love to have you!!!

Open to USA & Canada