Butterfly Reiki: Transformation & Healing

Butterfly Reiki; Transformation and healing is founded to inform... and spread news about new Reiki developments. This group offer information about Higher level Butterfly Reiki what includes power initiations 1 till level 7 and new symbols. These new Reiki updates are given to Earth with the hope that people will use them: to re-power , to get help and access to more strength and powers. (You can download the 50 symbols belonging to Butterfly Reiki at the top of the page, see FILES, these symbols an also be used for sound healing and meditation). BUTTERFLY Reiki level-system is given to activate your E’epa: (Hawaiian for) your extra ordinary abilities; to do the next steps towards transformation. A tool for light-workers and sky-walkers! Butterfly-Reiki gives the tools and support with the steps towards transformation, it gives possibility for activation of the four elements-powers OF HEART, it gives symbols that will update the heart qualities and offers tools for healing and body-soul spirit update and restoration. This group also provides all sorts of active meditations, spiritual knowledge and back ground information: You an download meditations at top of page: see[FILES}....Questions: please write to the group. Aloha and Mahalo