Buy, Sell, Or Trade in Qatar

I would like to greet all the members in this group and kindly r...equest to adhere the group regulations.
.: Group Regulations :.
- Photos should be of ACTUAL items.
- Details / comments should be in English.
- Mobile local number should be posted.
- Prices should be mentioned & only in Qatari riyal (QAR).
- Do not post the same advertisement in 24 hours for the
cleanliness of the page.
- DELETE your post once the item is SOLD.
- Do not comment in a post if you’re not interested in buying.
- For any queries or suggestions, you may send private messages to our Admins.
Block/Delete actions will be taken against:
- SCAM products such as mobiles/Cars.
- Disrespecting or starting a fight / insult a co-member.
- Posting other links or share ,, or showing sexual activities.