Buy Swap Sell in Adelaide

Buy Swap Sell in Adelaide
Time wasting will not be tolerated. An...d you will be blocked.
Having any trouble with anyone? Just send me screenshots.
Admin is myself April Jones & Erica Jones

No name shaming, if you have a problem with someone send me screenshots, ill remove them.

Please when posting, add all necessary information eg;
Location of pickup
Size of item/s
Condition (if any rips or faults that needs to be added on the post)

Buyers when committing to buy an item please read ALL provided information before going along with the sale.


Please feel free to add your friends.

Business posts are welcome.

You can sell anything you want to sell, doesnt have to be just clothes. (Porn stuff not allowed) if i see porn posts, i will be deleting the requested post and removing you from the group.

Bumping can be done every 12hrs.