Bangalore Weekend of Photography

The Bangalore Weekend of Photography is an event of events from April 8th to 10th 2011, aimed at encouraging public participation in photography activities. No matter how wide your interest in photography (documentary, photojournalism, wildlife, fashion...), no matter how deep it runs (amateur, artist, professional), you'll find a way to spend your weekend in great company!

Check out the events we have lined up:

*All members : Please do not post snaps/clicks/captures from your weekend outing. Flowers and sunsets can be avoided too, unless its a totally new way of seeing. May be landscapes from Ladakh can be posted in another forum as well, thanks in advance :)*

*All members: If you have a facebook or flickr album/gallery of a series of images you have worked on. Then please do not share multiple links to individual images from the same gallery. Please share a single link to the album. But, of course, do let people know of major updates on your project:)*