C.S. Lewis Book Club

Hey everybody....I'm setting up this group to be an online book discussion of C.S. Lewis' theological books. I'll send out messages periodically about where we'll try to focus our readings and there will be a book order, and I really hope that we can have some great comments, ideas and discussions through this group. I have read some of these books already, and some I have not, so for those of you who are like "I've already read that" IT'S ALWAYS GOOD TO READ LEWIS MORE THAN ONCE lol. If you join and are committed to following along with me for these readings please post on the group wall or send me a message so I know the interest level. And INVITE WHOEVER YOU WANT the more the merrier!

The book order is going to be Mere Christianity, The Great Divorce, A Grief Observed, Miracles, The Problem of Pain, The Screwtape Letters and The Abolition of Man.

These will be read at a moderate pace to accomdate for people who think they might not have enough time to keep up with the readings....so don't worry!

Mere Christianty: WHOLE BOOK finished by 1/8/11

The Great Divorce: WHOLE BOOK finished by 1/30/11

If you have any questions/comments/ideas please don't hesitate to let me know!

I figured that the week of Thanksgiving break would be a great starting point for Mere Christianity....I will post the page amounts/dates ASAP :)

-In His name