Credit Agricole Coyotes!!

Hello friends, We took initiative as colleagues, and decided to hike, bike and kayak a 42km course through the Staffordshire countryside while completing 10 different mental, physical and sometimes emotional challenges. You can imagine its not easy for people who spent 10h every day in front of screens ! As we are doing the hard work We kindly ask you to support and donate our team which is raising money for Marie Curie Cancer Research. The Marie Curie Great Escape Challenge is held annually to raise awareness of and funds for Marie Curie Cancer Care. Credit Agricole CIB entered two teams (But of course, our team is the best and deserve the most of the support ! :)) In the challenge last year, 40 teams raised over £150,000. This year with more than 60 teams from companies across the UK, we hope to raise even more money while also providing a larger platform for Marie Curie to build awareness of their work.
Just for a change....
...Don't say ''will do it later!'' and donate just now !! Thanks in advance, Damla Adrian Charlie Anja