California Racing Assn. Sprint Cars, Roadsters and Midgets 1946-1993

If interested please check out our other group Western States Indy Dirt Champ Sprint and Midgets Dirt and Asphalt. It is less restrictive for racing posts. This page is dedicated as a tribute to CRA members from 1946 thru
1993 & '94 and to encourage past CRA members, their families, friends and fans to share their memories in honoring the drivers, car owners, mechanics, officials, photographers, builders, manufactures, promoters and CRA sanctioned race tracks....... I would like to define what is appropriate to share within the guidelines of the group. Anything that is
tied to CRA in one way or another in regards to Sprint Cars, Roadsters and Midgets THAT include captions with how they relate. All posts that are not considered to be related will be delated appropriately. Admin. Richard Cordsen