California Students for Barack Obama

Students for Obama is a student wing of President Barack Obama's re-election campaign. It is a national organization of high school, college, graduate and law students. The California Chapter of the organization (CSFBO) is the largest single youth campaign organization in the country with over 9,000 members on over 50 campuses across the state. The official Mission of California SFBO is to: use the power of student and youth passion to inform people about Barack Obama, his message of hope, vision for the future, and political platform so as to have him re-elected as President of the United States. The Vision of CSFBO is to: engage, enlighten and empower students throughout the state, develop and hone their inter-personal and group communication, organizational, analytical and critical thinking, political and other life skills, and prepare them to assume greater leadership roles in the future so as to help fundamentally transform their community, the country and the world. While we do not coordinate with Obama for America, we remain advocates for the President's message and for his re-election.