COD Advanced Warfare Clan recruitment, Advertisements, Scrimms

Clan Recruitment, Advertisements,Scrimms
Rules Group!
As with any group, there are rules to follow. It eliminates any and all chaos.
Our rules are as follows:
No Gameshare And trade Here.
*No bashing/hate/insulting/discriminating
*No trolling/spamming/advertising other FB groups/pages without premission.
*Do not post any other members GT/PSN name, its not yours to post.
*Keep all posts game related
*Do not hijack other peoples posts with off topic comments
*NO Console wars. We are all gamers and have our own preferences
*Selfies ARE allowed. Do not bash. No Nudes- keep game related and in the proper location for selfies.
*There is an off topic post. Take all random stuff to that thread.
*Post in English only.
*Youtube/twitch is Allowed for gaming purposes
*Then you post about your clan please provide as much detail about it as possible.
This is not a pick up group or Add me group. Please participate in group activity without being gender specific. It comes off creepy and disrespectful.
If you see a problem, do not add fuel to the fire. Tag an Admin asap and report the post. Do no argue with anyone. if you have nothing nice to say dont comment on a post.
Owner: Kobalt Wilkerson